Sculk Sensor Safe House in Minecraft

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In this Mumbo Jumbo redstone video, Mumbo builds a Minecraft safe house using the Minecraft 1.17 sculk sensors from the cave and cliffs update. Minecraft: Cave and cliffs update introduces a tonne of new minecraft features, but the most exciting is this latest redstone update giving us wireless redstone. In this video I create new proximity detectors, minecraft traps and more.
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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo3 თვის წინ

    Just so you know - I planned to do a lot more than this.. BUT then I lost the world! Thought that was quite entertaining as that is the first time it has happened in my 8 years of making GEcold videos.. So I guess you could say it's the safest of safe houses.

  • Red X

    Red X

    2 დღის წინ

    It's ok

  • LOLminer79


    თვის წინ

    6:47 It sounds like a train thats slowing down. 🤣

  • Pikachu1328


    თვის წინ

    I don't think sculk sensors are going to work based on note blocks (sorry Mumbo). The Mojang team said that they will react to vibrations and not on just sounds. So if I understood correctly it will be more of a motion sensor than a sound sensor.

  • Mga Tropang Hypebeasts

    Mga Tropang Hypebeasts

    თვის წინ


  • DGCR Scott

    DGCR Scott

    2 თვის წინ

    Wait. . . How are you supposed to get in? If it didn't crash permanently?

  • Chris Grimm
    Chris Grimm11 საათის წინ

    Haha, elytra+ fire potion go brrr

  • Mohit Bhatt A-34, s-3
    Mohit Bhatt A-34, s-3დღის წინ

    It's a jail

  • Audrey Kirsten C
    Audrey Kirsten Cდღის წინ

    i can't find the link to download the mod thing :( and i really wanna try it

  • Shyle Audric Tendras
    Shyle Audric Tendrasდღის წინ

    how to break in mumbo's safe house: 1- dig under 2-eat a chorus fruit and hope you will tp inside the house 3- build a pillar taller than walls and yeet a ender pearl in the house 4- slowly break the defense with tnt duplictors or cannons 5- just go above and yeet a tnt and break the sensors 6- go under ground and use mumbo's own tech 7- *its free real-estate*

  • A laughing 747
    A laughing 747დღის წინ

    The noteblock thing is just an air raid siren and you can't deny it.

  • Red X
    Red X2 დღის წინ


  • Red X

    Red X

    2 დღის წინ


  • Red X

    Red X

    2 დღის წინ


  • OωO
    OωO2 დღის წინ

    Best safe house: Kill a player from lag

  • Moondreamer598
    Moondreamer5982 დღის წინ

    Sculk sensors: *exist* Mumbo: Muahahahahah

  • alfie currie
    alfie currie3 დღის წინ

    I sub to you mumbo

  • alfie currie
    alfie currie3 დღის წინ

    ye it is

  • ShadowDrake
    ShadowDrake4 დღის წინ


  • Little Otter
    Little Otter5 დღის წინ

    I firmly believe that Mumbo dancing to the “thumping bass” and the many piston noises can cure depression

  • Laura Kotze
    Laura Kotze8 დღის წინ

    Are jou ..... Poultry man

    TYMAC EMPIRE8 დღის წინ

    Mumbo builds a safe house Me: its more of a already safe house with the lag

  • John Calibert
    John Calibert10 დღის წინ

    Just write a sign with I have corona No one will come 💯

  • TechniColorKat Gaming
    TechniColorKat Gaming11 დღის წინ

    Everyone in minecraft: I can break into your house useing tools! No one absolutely no one. MumboJumbo: Ill crash your game!

  • Joseph Matthews
    Joseph Matthews12 დღის წინ

    What about bells? They have to be pretty powerful

  • Da Caribou
    Da Caribou13 დღის წინ

    They’ll never know what hit them... unless they look up

  • Zendif
    Zendif15 დღის წინ

    Who else kept hearing "Nope Blocks"?

  • TraverseIce
    TraverseIce15 დღის წინ

    2:18, 2:24, 3:43 are “mumbo going insane bc of the noises” moments

  • LegendaryFoxx Gacha
    LegendaryFoxx Gacha16 დღის წინ

    The first few seconds describe how I feel

  • A50ftfall
    A50ftfall17 დღის წინ

    It's the world's best safe house because whenever someone gets close to it they're game crashes And yes I'm that same guy I posted this a couple months ago but my GEcold account got deleted for no apparent reason so I'm reposting this comment

  • Jasim M
    Jasim M17 დღის წინ

    1:25-1:29 = mumbo ‘ s inner 12 year old

  • Viridxuzツ
    Viridxuzツ19 დღის წინ

    "I want to be alone" Every Introvert Ever.

  • Marilyn Till
    Marilyn Till24 დღის წინ

    Do I need minecraft for this?

  • Zetsumo
    Zetsumo25 დღის წინ

    The lag the traps are causing is enought o make someone go away

  • Zetsumo
    Zetsumo25 დღის წინ

    In this video we learn MumboJumbo is an Introvert

  • Ylime !
    Ylime !25 დღის წინ

    redstone on piston: falls of when piston activated red stone on dispenser opening firing fire charges: sticks to dispenser

  • Eddy Filineri
    Eddy Filineri27 დღის წინ

    Me hearing the THUMPING BASS with the Skullcandy Crusher Evo(Best headphones with sensory bass): 💀

  • travis graham
    travis graham27 დღის წინ

    The rampant sycamore experimentally fold because vessel synthetically arrive like a abusive foxglove. two, accessible kitchen

  • Adrigl
    Adriglთვის წინ

    The safest approach against other players, is to crash their game.

  • Snaggle Lsah
    Snaggle Lsahთვის წინ

    Me all the time 0:18

  • Test Tester
    Test Testerთვის წინ

    The lewd swamp cranially bump because scent kelly wave from a dead israel. long-term, offbeat whiskey

  • The Decaffect
    The Decaffectთვის წინ

    an aerial attack radar in minecraft that's sick, won't need to worry about flying machine b-29s now

  • The Decaffect
    The Decaffectთვის წინ

    an aerial attack radar in minecraft that's sick, won't need to worry about flying machine b-29s now

  • Leo Cardin
    Leo Cardinთვის წინ

    The Villagers watching this be like 🤦

    A USELESS GUYთვის წინ

    Can sculk sensors usable as chunk loader?

  • mcfan4924
    mcfan4924თვის წინ

    Ah yes, the kamikaze approach. Kill the world if an intruder comes in. ***backups recommended***

  • Indra Prakash Sahu VI C
    Indra Prakash Sahu VI Cთვის წინ

    The world's safest house where if you want joiin the world no one can.

  • axolotl gamer
    axolotl gamerთვის წინ

    what if they use spectator mode? also how are you going to get in and out

  • Ava Badstubner
    Ava Badstubnerთვის წინ

    I really want to see someone meaning Mumbo make a house that when you enter all the lites come on and when you leave they go off

  • Zevox 90
    Zevox 90თვის წინ

    Mumbo: uses skulker sensors to power machines so he can be left alone Me: builds the ugliest house possible and decorates the whole forest in warning signs and player heads, while putting some monsters in holes in the ground so its all creepy

  • Brandon Colony
    Brandon Colonyთვის წინ

    That alarm is SUPER cool!!!

  • TraverseIce
    TraverseIceთვის წინ

    4:01 it looks like its raining arrows lol

  • TraverseIce
    TraverseIceთვის წინ

    2:17 Normal playback speed: WHOA NECK BREAKING 0.25 speed: Ehhhhhhh 2x speed: *SPEED OF LIGHT*

  • Fricky Bricky
    Fricky Brickyთვის წინ

    I’d launch tnt like crazy at it

  • Jhonen Amrhein
    Jhonen Amrheinთვის წინ

    "I don't like people." Ah yes. Me in a nutshell.

  • Elliott Shoemaker
    Elliott Shoemakerთვის წინ

    1:30 mumbo: my voice went really high there, need to regain my manliness me: HAHAHAHAHAHA

    M꙰OIST SOUPთვის წინ

    2:18 lol

  • John Gall
    John Gallთვის წინ

    Can you make a pop up crafting table using skulk sensors

  • Ember
    Emberთვის წინ

    i was so expecting a simply safe sponsor at the beginning.

  • Winston infinity
    Winston infinityთვის წინ

    Worlds deadliest trap: dripstones plus sculk sensors.

  • AlesianLynx
    AlesianLynxთვის წინ

    2:18 and 3:43 It’s -rewind- earrape time

  • Ethan Playz
    Ethan Playzთვის წინ

    Anyone watching one month later

  • Eduard Zaydman
    Eduard Zaydmanთვის წინ

    Can you do another one pls?

  • Aarav Mehta
    Aarav Mehtaთვის წინ

    I’m new here and I want to watch his film, where can I find it

  • Shinobi
    Shinobiთვის წინ

    2:18 go crazy ahhhhhhh go stupid ahhhhhhh 😂😂😂

  • Orion.
    Orion.თვის წინ

    introverts 2020

  • McDermott Clan
    McDermott Clanთვის წინ

    now mumbo how do you get out?

  • Александър Рачев
    Александър Рачевთვის წინ

    You've found the best defense on accident - lag

  • bruh
    bruhთვის წინ

    I think we can all agree that sculks will litterally break minecraft redstone

  • speeddy peeddy
    speeddy peeddyთვის წინ

    how are you gunna get in ur house

  • xX_Love_Xx
    xX_Love_Xxთვის წინ

    At the start the first thing came to mind was grian

  • Tayveon Segars
    Tayveon Segarsთვის წინ

    Pressure plates and tripwire hooks: You have taken everything from me. Skulk Sensor: I don’t even know who you are.

  • MJ907
    MJ907თვის წინ

    They added RADAR

  • Tmaxb
    Tmaxbთვის წინ

    Imagine if this was in survival and the skulk sensors would hear the phantoms

  • Hameleosha De Hoga
    Hameleosha De Hogaთვის წინ

    The note blocks went "brrrrrrrrrrr"

  • Joel Deakin
    Joel Deakinთვის წინ

    * Mumbo saying he didn't know sounds have a 'render' distance too ** Also Mumbo, making a video literally creating other redstone contraptions in another video based off this entire idea lmao

  • Rainbow Butterfly
    Rainbow Butterflyთვის წინ

    I also dont like people

  • john hird
    john hirdთვის წინ

    mumbo how could i join the hermit server

  • david poole
    david pooleთვის წინ

    Uh oh

  • Sauhard Pandit
    Sauhard Panditთვის წინ

    2:17 and 2:24 killed me lol

  • owoPebble
    owoPebbleთვის წინ

    You always build the cutest little house then a GIANT WALL AROUND IT AND A LAVA MOAT AND A FIREBALL CANNON!!!!

  • Gaven Rhoades
    Gaven Rhoadesთვის წინ

    It would be cool to build a self building house with noise 🤔

  • Black flame
    Black flameთვის წინ

    I mean you could say that they were killed by lag

  • Hrithik Balaji
    Hrithik Balajiთვის წინ

    Is it only me or anyone else noticed the beautiful world generation in the background

  • OGXphobia
    OGXphobiaთვის წინ

    When he realises that the attacker could just dig under it

  • Eschatical
    Eschaticalთვის წინ

    I need this in my life

  • Snake Green
    Snake Greenთვის წინ

    *Digs underneath*

  • nadia ricci
    nadia ricciთვის წინ

    Enemy: sees Mumbo’s safe house from a distance Enemy: proceeds to dig a tunnel Mumbo: surprised pikachu face

  • Miles Casco
    Miles Cascoთვის წინ

    Eggs 🥚

  • PConz
    PConzთვის წინ

    Mojang: the sculk sensor is great beacuse it makes games crash this could be used for a very good base Minecraft players: ahhhhhhhhh Computer: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • PConz
    PConzთვის წინ

    Add some computer tnt to explode their computer when they leave

  • Vectron Sp
    Vectron Spთვის წინ

    Talk about a Firewall. LOL

  • Shizuki 'SaberzzPlayz'
    Shizuki 'SaberzzPlayz'თვის წინ

    But how you(the owner of the house) get in?

  • Jayden Fung
    Jayden Fungთვის წინ

    i dont like people, relatable

  • Drinkymcwater
    Drinkymcwaterთვის წინ

    what about vs a man with a shovel

  • Robinson Bright
    Robinson Brightთვის წინ


  • Braden Blanchard
    Braden Blanchardთვის წინ

    Honestly the lag is the best defense

  • Augustus Davis
    Augustus Davisთვის წინ

    I already have a trillion traps that use skulk sensors planed out.

  • captain zanerf134
    captain zanerf134თვის წინ

    how is he even supposed to get in?!

  • Green Woodwalker
    Green Woodwalkerთვის წინ

    Mumbo: I like my house, but I don't want people in it. People watching in 2020: Fair enough.

  • Aidan Woodward
    Aidan Woodwardთვის წინ

    Maybe its possible to make a secondary wall that is spinning different variations of blocks using a piston feed tape this is just an suggestive idea

  • Annika W
    Annika W2 თვის წინ

    Mumbo's into Me: *MOOD*

  • Kountz World
    Kountz World2 თვის წინ

    I just wanna say that we all know that basic house is not your house 🤣😂

  • Grummy
    Grummy2 თვის წინ

    You could just build over this

  • Maystew 07
    Maystew 072 თვის წინ

    I love that it opens up with "I dont want you to come to my house"

  • Space Sheep
    Space Sheep2 თვის წინ

    I think their minecraft will crash before they even think of getting over the wall

  • CeNedra Lea Heldra
    CeNedra Lea Heldra2 თვის წინ

    Brilliant love the flaming arrows. Brilliant