Hermitcraft 7: Episode 14 - THE BUTTON

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On today's episode of Hermitcraft season 7, Mumbo builds up his 'The Button' game. Inspired by the social experiment on Reddit in 2015, a button with a countdown timer is activated, and the members of the Hermitcraft server have to keep it alive. The closer to death they save it from, the better social 'rank' they get on the server.
Filming channel: gecold.info
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  • Ayla Arnold
    Ayla Arnoldდღის წინ

    why not make cow farm

  • dragon fellow
    dragon fellowდღის წინ

    the history of buttons for grain

  • jocelyn mendham
    jocelyn mendham3 დღის წინ

    i came back and i completely forgot about the button so mutch has happens last(2020)year

  • SailorIda3
    SailorIda33 დღის წინ

    somethiong I have been wondering since episode1, I just found this series yeasterday, why dont you breed cows?!

  • Hanna Summers
    Hanna Summers4 დღის წინ

    Prefacing the ad by saying kubos in it worked way too well, i sat through it just for the floofer

  • nedelcu alexandra
    nedelcu alexandra4 დღის წინ

    I don't understand how the button works 😂

  • DaAustinBot
    DaAustinBot5 დღის წინ

    5:00 sad iskall xD

  • Pokemon Master3
    Pokemon Master37 დღის წინ

    18:00 I just heard a phantom!! In the daytime?!

  • Skits to feed my Children
    Skits to feed my Children7 დღის წინ


  • Cameron smell
    Cameron smell9 დღის წინ

    spidersiclops ?????????????

  • Jiana Malaya Mateo
    Jiana Malaya Mateo10 დღის წინ

    I didnt know brtish people call tic tac toe “knots and crosses” (if i got that right)

  • Florian Jonckheere
    Florian Jonckheere11 დღის წინ

    i don't get the idea of the button

  • Malakai Crofts
    Malakai Crofts11 დღის წინ

    That jiu jistzu was something else

  • Alexander Wang
    Alexander Wang11 დღის წინ

    14:36 mumbo was starving to death

  • Skelly MC
    Skelly MC11 დღის წინ

    “The button” looks like an N64 cartridge from the front (if you ignore the dark gray)

  • Fran Marcinkovic
    Fran Marcinkovic12 დღის წინ

    For Grian hau to use redston

  • it's ya boi thanooos
    it's ya boi thanooos12 დღის წინ

    Rare footage of mumbo swearing 4:14

  • The Commander
    The Commander14 დღის წინ

    i would say that im decent with redstone but i just don't know what comparators do so :(

    Zac CROWTHER16 დღის წინ

    Can you do a tutorial on how to make THE BUTTON

  • Hashem Shoukri
    Hashem Shoukri18 დღის წინ

    How do you make the supersmelter

  • Denden Comendador
    Denden Comendador18 დღის წინ

    Thanos: I used the stones to destroy the stones Mumbo: hmm, lets create infinity stones generator (Avengers theme plays intensely)

  • Kai Ratner
    Kai Ratner19 დღის წინ

    Mumbo legiterly said this video is sponsored by audible and started talking about how fast he talks in UNDER ONE SECOND!! omg, that's so funny mumbo ur the best. 🤣🤣

  • The Real Old Newb
    The Real Old Newb19 დღის წინ

    Once you see it as a cyclops .... hahaha. I watched Grians episodes first (no reason - I like you both the same) and I never mentioned it as a cyclops ... but now I do. Hahaha

  • Mr LinkinJason
    Mr LinkinJason21 დღის წინ

    Can I just ask, why does mumbo not do face cam?

  • Chris DPS2345

    Chris DPS2345

    20 დღის წინ


    DEAN MEMPHIS CHUA21 დღის წინ

    me like ur house it looks relaxing


    I didnt see the cyclops till he said it and then I cant get it out of my head

  • Brogan Nyholm
    Brogan Nyholm28 დღის წინ

    Why isn’t dream in hermit craft

  • Chris DPS2345

    Chris DPS2345

    21 დღის წინ

    Hmmm good point

    JIATONG ZHANG28 დღის წინ


  • Chris DPS2345

    Chris DPS2345

    21 დღის წინ


  • Silver Summons
    Silver Summons29 დღის წინ

    Get stress something for stress.

  • Beatrice Nshindano
    Beatrice Nshindanoთვის წინ

    How do you keep the redstone lamps on for a long period of time

  • AONK


    25 დღის წინ

    pulse extenders

  • Spooky Mars
    Spooky Marsთვის წინ

    You mean mumbo didn’t have a mustache in real life

  • Chris DPS2345

    Chris DPS2345

    20 დღის წინ


  • dudu liang
    dudu liangთვის წინ

    Why not use blast furnaces?

  • The Red Crewmate
    The Red Crewmateთვის წინ

    Good Kubo Edit: Grian has the infinity Guantlet

  • Mr.Mister
    Mr.Misterთვის წინ

    the only think i can say my mind is yummy

  • Mr.Mister
    Mr.Misterთვის წინ

    mumbo makes me laugh u make me happy

  • Samuel Trusik
    Samuel Trusikთვის წინ

    Mumbo looks nothing like what I imagined! I like it.

  • Roo Goose
    Roo Gooseთვის წინ

    You should send Grian the ‘Decluttering Your Home’ audiobook. Yes, I know I’m late.

  • James Blackburn
    James Blackburnთვის წინ

    15:21 if 6ix9ine was a cyclops in Minecraft

  • the_rblx_god


    თვის წინ

    I agree

  • Krpto
    Krptoთვის წინ


  • Heaskoson Papas
    Heaskoson Papasთვის წინ

    im actually annoyed on how nice the hermitcraft bases look

  • James Muntean
    James Munteanთვის წინ

    Mumbo nothing spawns on the top of the nether

  • Retro Gamer!
    Retro Gamer!თვის წინ

    It's a color-cyclospider

  • SmileGamez
    SmileGamezთვის წინ

    You know what's worse than a sore loser and a bad winner? a person who's both

  • Kieran Johnson
    Kieran Johnsonთვის წინ

    #6ix9ine game

  • Logan Shirk
    Logan Shirkთვის წინ

    Say sry to iskal u think he needs a beginner book you havent even made a base he has the worlds largest tree

  • Adam Casserdahl
    Adam Casserdahlთვის წინ

    It looks like cyklops sixnine

  • GamingWithPopTaco112
    GamingWithPopTaco112თვის წინ

    15/10 doggo

  • Trevor Bell
    Trevor Bellთვის წინ

    Mumbo’s belt looks like a passifire

  • Adam Pershing
    Adam Pershingთვის წინ

    Once he said it was a cyclops I couldn’t un-see it

  • Dylan Young
    Dylan Youngთვის წინ

    I just now realized that the fame you call “Knots and Crosses” sounds a WHOLE lot better than what we call it “Tic Tac Toe” (By we i mean Americans btw)

  • Furio Carver
    Furio Carverთვის წინ

    I’ve never seen Mumbos face and I thought he would have black hair and look more European

  • 74XeneX
    74XeneXთვის წინ


  • Teagan Thulin
    Teagan Thulinთვის წინ

    Slightly better ,cool ,cooler ,very cool ,god

  • Pablo ThaiTaco
    Pablo ThaiTacoთვის წინ

    Why is mumbo actually good at sponsoring.

  • Jack Silvis
    Jack Silvisთვის წინ

    When you show your face in videos, you should put on a fake minecraft mustache. That would be hilarious.

  • punkrockaidan
    punkrockaidanთვის წინ

    i always skip the sponsored part, add kubo more n i’ll watch it more

  • Just4fun
    Just4funთვის წინ


  • AnonymousUser
    AnonymousUserთვის წინ

    It looks like an Among Us player buried in the nether.

  • Kylar Dean
    Kylar Deanთვის წინ

    i think it looks like a cyclopes yeti hybrid

  • ThyBountyHunter
    ThyBountyHunterთვის წინ

    Here is something freaky, you mentioned you saw something on reddit in April of 2015...you posted this video April 15th.

  • Damian Kasper
    Damian Kasperთვის წინ

    how can i join u and your freands on hermit craft

  • beware the mans who speak in memes tra la la

    beware the mans who speak in memes tra la la

    თვის წინ

    you can't

  • Donna Josiah
    Donna Josiahთვის წინ

    Face cammmmm!!! Plz Like if you agree Ps: I liked my own comment because no one does :(

  • beware the mans who speak in memes tra la la

    beware the mans who speak in memes tra la la

    თვის წინ


  • Noah K
    Noah Kთვის წინ

    20:09 That is a bigggg chest

  • ProFishPlayz
    ProFishPlayzთვის წინ


  • Julianna Bruter
    Julianna Bruterთვის წინ

    Mumbo: "My item of choice is going to be iron shovels" Me: IRON? STOP BEING FANCY AND USE STONE

  • sinister_sinner
    sinister_sinner2 თვის წინ

    A cyclops with six9 type colored teeth and an over bite. 🤣

  • Liam Schereschewsky
    Liam Schereschewsky2 თვის წინ

    It looks like a robot 69

  • Liam Schereschewsky

    Liam Schereschewsky

    2 თვის წინ

    (The rapper)

  • Sum Mueller
    Sum Mueller2 თვის წინ

    I can not tell you how many brain cells I lost looking at that red stone

  • Caleb Ivey
    Caleb Ivey2 თვის წინ

    You should do the belts like in jiu jitsu white blue purple brown black 4red

  • Caleb Ivey
    Caleb Ivey2 თვის წინ

    I didn't know you did jiu jitsu do you do brazilian or japanese I do Brazilian

  • Harry Do
    Harry Do2 თვის წინ

    I wonder “what if the button was built in a public server...?”

  • Padmaja sugumar
    Padmaja sugumar2 თვის წინ


  • Block Master
    Block Master2 თვის წინ


  • KayBeeStew
    KayBeeStew2 თვის წინ

    It looks like a movie theater, not a church.

  • wildman510
    wildman5102 თვის წინ

    I have a head ak right now and I hate it

  • Ifrad Ehab
    Ifrad Ehab2 თვის წინ

    in the last episode i thought he has done building the super smelter but now he said he didn't finish building it

  • norman 1123
    norman 11232 თვის წინ

    Wait this guy doesnt actually have a luscious mustache?!😵😔

  • Teo Stvp06
    Teo Stvp062 თვის წინ

    Tutorial for the super smelter?

  • Julian Bailey
    Julian Bailey2 თვის წინ

    Lord of the rings for grian

  • flopguy1441 oyunlar
    flopguy1441 oyunlar2 თვის წინ

    1:16 Mumbo Jumbo: somethng s wrong, i can feel it

  • Henri Billard
    Henri Billard2 თვის წინ

    I started watching mrbeast

  • Wiggle Wobble
    Wiggle Wobble2 თვის წინ

    Technoblade's crown: * laughs in superiority *

  • A Toby Æ
    A Toby Æ2 თვის წინ


  • RayzoMelon
    RayzoMelon2 თვის წინ

    Goodbye bumble baggins

  • Theodor Krey
    Theodor Krey2 თვის წინ

    Kubo is cute

  • boishroom
    boishroom2 თვის წინ

    how does the button die?

  • Andu Ninicu
    Andu Ninicu2 თვის წინ

    I`ve been binge watching those vids for a long time now , and i have to say , that i really like how mumbo talks , especially that he end almost every sentence with 2% of air left in his lungs . In some sentences you could actually hear him turning blue in the face !

  • Coos ferd
    Coos ferd2 თვის წინ

    Grians audible book: how to abandon your hobbit friend.

  • William Alexander
    William Alexander2 თვის წინ

    To my brain the button game is just spamming redstone stuff. It's really cool. I'm surprised that you haven't made a shop yet but your games are fun to watch.

  • Dream
    Dream2 თვის წინ

    Me: Really? That doesn’t look like a cyclops........ oh ummmmm

  • Musketeer
    Musketeer2 თვის წინ

    Who else thought the button machine looked like a spider playing a harmonica

  • Nhoque
    Nhoque2 თვის წინ

    The square of the dropper looks a lot like the fotolog's logo lol

  • Westin Games
    Westin Games2 თვის წინ

    you shod your face omg

  • Ryan Chen
    Ryan Chen2 თვის წინ

    Nobody: Nothing: Literally nobody: Not a single soul on the face of the universe: Mumbo: iNdEsTRUcTiBleIBLe 19:13

  • dragon slayer the true
    dragon slayer the true2 თვის წინ

    My first time seeing your face

  • jimjam
    jimjam3 თვის წინ

    Sub to my channel

  • Denise Davis
    Denise Davis3 თვის წინ

    Give Grian how to make a sorted storage LoL

  • MemeCanyon
    MemeCanyon3 თვის წინ

    20:14 it looks like a floating giant chest

  • Grephoenix
    Grephoenix3 თვის წინ

    me: never watches the filming channel because i wanna keep mumbos face a secret Mumbo: surprise face reveal (at least to me)

  • AlphadoX
    AlphadoX3 თვის წინ

    Mumbo: why can’t I run? Mumbo Jumbo starve to death