This Lamp will turn off in 10 hours...

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In this Minecraft redstone video, Mumbo has placed 90,000 redstone repeaters equaling a total delay of 10 hours. He then hooks it up to a lamp, and waits for it to turn off. This video does have some easter eggs for anyone bored enough to watch the entire thing!
Song: C418 - WAIT
Surely you have something better to do than watch this 10 hour video?


  • Mumbo Jumbo
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    Look out for the easter eggs 🥚👀

  • Herkus Jonaits

    Herkus Jonaits

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    The music disk that was playing is called ,,wait"

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    Arch Parfait

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    Frjdj4x _

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    The Code to the vault is not very creative! 🏝

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    @Benny Bunny there is! not saying where doe We gotta play fair

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  • Yeetamall Yeetamall
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    I watched the whole thing. At night... I fell asleep and it was day and it was over so yeah, I watched it all

  • leo#coleo#Adnir nan of your business
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    I was literally like how I may look how long the source sorry it's 10 hours what but that's okay I'm gonna finish it

  • Jamesgriffo
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  • Paul Kuch
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    Went to bed watching this, woke up and it was still on,

  • Skilly B
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    6:04:45 lol

  • kaden jerrams
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    But why?

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  • Sudsiestrhyme33
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    Rituals playlist anyone?

  • LuuX
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    love the ‘nice’ at the end

  • ar1nbyln
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    i love this song!

  • Matias Sebastian Arriola Munguia
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    And how much time do you want your lamp to stay on? Mumbo: *Yes*

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    My big toe hurts

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    16 times playback speed makes this video go by in 37 minutes, 32 seconds and 5 tenths of a second

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    Yes i made it to the third row! Shoot i'm late.

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    I cook the Easter egg 🍳

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    so good

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    cause he has no content and he is boring

  • Mrmeliodes_bloc
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    Lol I love that it 10 hours

  • Big Man Borys
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    i like the part with the repeaters

  • Daniel Pip6
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    Longest ten hours of my life spent 10 hours straight watching and went 3 hours over my bedtime

  • Speedy Beatz
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  • JK!!
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    shout out to the person who watc hed the whole thing!!

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  • Michael Oppegard
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    “Nice” - Mumbo Jumbo 2021

  • Rozel Miranda
    Rozel Miranda4 დღის წინ

    its been about 3.5 weeks that I forgot to watch the entire video edit: missing one word

  • chan jet
    chan jet4 დღის წინ

    Watch this video with X2 speed

  • Sebastian Vizcarra
    Sebastian Vizcarra4 დღის წინ

    My favorite part was when the light turned off

  • Vanessa Pang
    Vanessa Pang5 დღის წინ

    Man, this is a good challenge, might as well document it: 16:15 “I just want to say the fact that you’re still watching this video is quite impressive. You’ve still got a long way to go though” I was casually minecrafting and I was like hOld uP- 20:53 Just got an ad about vaccines 35:26 Switching to my computer now 43:19 "I really hope you appreciate the fact that I used this song C418 Wait for this one because there's a lot of waiting involved. I personally thought that was funny but if that's been lost on you then I apologized." Still minecrafting and forgot that this was an actual video and thought it was the soundtrack on repeat lmao 1:09:09 Wow buffering love it Still playing mc hopefully my computer doesn't lose wifi- OH AND IT'S BACK 1:25:52 "Congratulations you've now watched this video for an hour and a half. But there Is still eight and a half hours to go before the Redstone lamp turns off" Yeah thanks for reminding me;-; 2:13:20 I'll have to finish this tomorrow I got school tomorrow 3:06:11 "At this point, I can only assume that you are asleep, you left the room, you left this playing while you're doing something else and you just kind of forgotten it's running, or you've died. Uhmm, I really hope no one's died while watching this. I almost feel weirdly responsible, they've just died of boredom. Oh no." I actually played this during class and through half the morning until 12 I forgot to put it back on because I had to record a class. And then none of the progress saved and loaded me back on 30 minutes so that's fun 5:02:15 "It's the halfway point baby. You only five hours left to go until this thing switches off. F-five hours, it's a long time. I hope you're okay" I'm doing fine thanks Mumbo. Playing mc now with my pal. 7:24:58 "Come on now, you're on the home straight (stretch). You've got this far you might as well keep watching. You know that there's theritheiseht only a couple hours left to go until the Redstone lamp turns off which ... probably isn't that exciting actually. You know, you could just go in a Redstone world and then flick a lever and then flick it off and the Redstone lamp will turn off. It'll be exactly the same thing but the anticipation is built now so ... you best stay till the end" Hour 9 I need to go eat dinner xD 9:07:00 Yup gotta sleep again damn 9:32:29 "I imagine very few people will be listening to this. This little voiceover bit because now we're.. we're really really far into the video but we're not but we're not far enough in so that people would've skipped to it. So that means that, basically, no one is listening to me. I could say anything. I could tell you that the code to the pacific vault is 'Pacific' basically and no one would know. No one would ever find out. You know, there is a number switched out here and there but that is what the code is. So... nobodies listening, literally no one's listening to anything. You know? Absolutely anything." Well, guess you're wrong here Mumbo because now we know the Pacific code when I should, in fact, be doing my classwork. 10:00:38 "Nice" I have finally finished this challenge and honestly... ten hours and forty seconds I'll never get back XD

  • Dylan Arada
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  • Ziyaad Kimmie
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    Me watching the whole video : 👁👄👁

  • Jezra Masgego
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    Imagine watching for the whole 10 hours and missing the light turn off

  • Speedy FPS
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    10:00:25 Thank me later

  • shital agrawal
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    All of the eggs Easter egg 1: 16:15 Easter egg 2: 43:19 Easter egg 3: 1:25:52 Easter egg 4: 3:06:12 Easter egg 5: 5:02:15 Easter egg 6: 7:24:58 Easter egg 7 9:32:41

  • Flying Diamonds
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    The code the the Pacific vault is "Pacific"

  • Cranterzilla
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    Make a 10minute alarm

  • Maksym YT
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    What is the point of this

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    9:32:30 are you sure?

  • Jackistic Artistic
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    When I get called for dinner and I say that I will come after this video.

  • Warren Peace
    Warren Peace6 დღის წინ

    I'm curious about the Easter eggs, but not enough to sit through 10 hours of waiting for a light to turn off.... I did skip to the end though, and props on how exact your timing was, though your closing remarks could use some work. lmao

  • Moo 2310
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    This is my study music.

  • maxim smith
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  • Rozel Miranda

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    @maxim smith Why'd you respond to your own comment?

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    Why’d you respond to your own comment

  • maxim smith

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  • Donald Burbach
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    Am going to watch to the end

  • JellyBean
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    Me: falls asleep at 2 hours 50 wakes up at 4 hours Finds an Easter egg referenceing falling asleep HOW DOES HE KNOW Edit: yes i know its taking me ages im trying /not/ to miss anything lol

  • Rozel Miranda

    Rozel Miranda

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  • SuperPsychicSybroBoy
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    What's REALLY amazing is that his computer was on for 10 hours, not to mention the time it took for his editing software to process it, and youtube to as well 0.0

  • Daniel Sie
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    there should be a video about Mumbo mining for 10 hours straight

  • Collin
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    I just finished, and I honestly kinda hope you make more of these. I loved listening and discovering all the Easter eggs. Maybe do one for easter, I know I'll tune in

  • Killer
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    Who else wasted 10 hours of their life just to get all the secrets I did and know i how to rush my work ;-; edit:i just fixed my spelling. and type this.

  • Such Max
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    When you've had enough of Hermitcraft

  • Leland Becker
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    He mentioned that the song playing is "wait" by c418 and how fitting that is but the song title used to be "where we are now" wich is also very fitting

  • Rhys Black
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  • Ruben
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    I know the code now, i must unlock it

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    I actually watched the whole freaking thing

  • GoldenYoyo07
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    i was using the lamps to track my progress

  • GoldenYoyo07
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    doing the math, the song in video loops ~150 times throughout the 10 hours

  • Rozel Miranda

    Rozel Miranda

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  • King Excalibur
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    10:00:27 seconds

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    9:32:29 what the heck i found it

  • MhyticReborn
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    10:00:28 Lamp turns off

  • Katarina Menzel
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  • Louis Murrell
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    At 9:32:29, Mumbo actually gives away the pacific vault code!!!

  • Angel Esquivel
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    That was a long 10 hours and 41 sec.

  • AjaYPlays FPS
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  • tim thomson
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    Anyone actually listen to it and hear mumbo say that no one is listening to him?

  • Vivek Wilson
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    I have nothing better to do than watch this video.

  • Tymur Zinchuk
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  • Kangaroo Monkey
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    36:30 don’t mind me just leaving a book mark.

  • Sourblock
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    9 hours 32 👀

  • Mr pizza
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    thanks for the code

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    9:32:28 ... heh heh heh why are you still here

  • Tien Le
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    I have a redstone idea for 1.17. Make a stasis chamber, throw a pearl in, then make an obsidian base without a door. Then, from the inside, make something to eject the player out of the base. Then using the sound thingy, disable the stasis chamber whenever you get near a certain spot in the base. The pearl should teleport you inside, and you can refill it with another pearl.

  • corrivates
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    Now we know the code is pacific, we just need to find out the numbers

  • Red Nova
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    "Nice" -Mumbo Jumbo

  • Peter Franks
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    I'm 9 hours in lol keep up the incredible work I think everyone agrees that you are the Redstone king

  • Slide FortniteYT
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    Ummm, anyone get the easter egg where he leaked the pacific vault key code

  • Warrior DWP
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    The code for the vault is Pacific!

  • Curtis Wambolt
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  • EmergingTuna 21
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    Is the code is 7224342?

  • Goosehonkernot
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    easter eggs: 16:15, 43:19 ,1:25:52, 3:04:12, 5:2:16, 7:25:06, 9:32:28, 10:00:39 nice

  • Goosehonkernot


    11 დღის წინ

    3:04:12 isn't an easter an I forgot it so uh cool

  • Cheesey Puff
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    Some time stamps for you 0:00 Beginning of video 0:03 Wandering Trader is murdered 0:05 Llama one dies 0:08 Llama two dies 0:17 places fire 0:19 burns stuff 0:28 button is pressed 0:30 music 1:00 music 2:30 music 4:45 music 6:49 calm music 7:12 still calm music 8:34 funky music 9:59 music 12:45 music 14:56 yep! more music 25:30 even more! 39:21 MAS MUSICA 50:30 museec 1:34:59 musica 1:59:59 more myoosic 2:45:46 more music? 3:45:12 FUNKY MUSIC 5:11:23 music 5:20:13 A really cool part 5:30:49 A not so good part 5:34:17 a mayoosic bop! 6:06:22 muuuusic 6:06:06 pog music 7:49:12 a really suckish part 8:00:00 music 8:00:01 still the same music 8:00:10 the worst part of the whole video- 8:34:59 nice music 9:13:56 not nice music 9:45:16 yay 9:59:59 one second until 10:00:00 10:00:00 funny noise 10:00:03 music starts again 10:00:25 lamp turns off 10:00:37 extreme twerking 10:00:39 “nice” 10:00:40 video ENDS

  • Oiva Unnamed
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    5 more minutes :)

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    9 hours. fuck i am bored

  • Cloudy Star Sky 666
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    Loading Screens Be Like:

  • Simon
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    10:00:27 it happens

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    The first minute is the only Exciting part.

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    ok got to go to lunch. almost at 8 hours paused it btw

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    7 hours

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    6 and a half hours

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    6 hours in. 4 hours left. doing school. mostly just watching this though

  • Josiah James Cruz
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    16:15 43:19 01:25:52 03:04:12 05:02:16 07:25:06 09:32:28

  • Oiva Unnamed
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    5 and a half hours. should be done at 1pm. Last day of watching


    36:28 a lamp lights on

  • Oiva Unnamed
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    half way there. yes i have done this over many days but hey I have watched the whole thing

  • MH
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    10:00:27 *THANK ME LATER*