Mumbo Jumbo

Mumbo Jumbo

My name is Oli, also known as Mumbo Jumbo and I make videos on the popular voxel based game 'Minecraft'. I focus mainly on the technical elements of the game, doing tutorials on various elements of redstone to try and make you better, and hopefully give you something you can show off to your friends. I also have a long running Vanilla Survival Let's Play series on the well known Hermitcraft server. \n\nI work with the guys at Chillblast to provide Official Mumbo Jumbo PCs - check them out \\n\nMy PC specs;\n \nCHILLBLAST FUSION JUMBO SIGNATURE EDITION PC\n Processor: Intel Core i7-6800K Broadwell-E CPU, 6 Cores, 3.4 - 3.8GHz\nCase: NZXT Noctis 450 Case\nCPU Cooler: Corsair H100i V2 CPU Cooler\nMotherboard: Asus X99-A II Motherboard\nMemory: 16GB DDR4 2133MH\nGraphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Graphics Card\nOS Drive: 512GB Samsung M.2 SSD\nSecondary Hard Drive: Seagate 3TB 7200RPM HDD\n\nMY CONTACT EMAIL IS BELOW :)

Minecraft VS My New PC

Minecraft VS My New PC

Redstone Builds Everyone Should Know

Redstone Builds Everyone Should Know

Minecraft, But I can't stop Building

Minecraft, But I can't stop Building

Are Sculk Sensors Game Changers?

Are Sculk Sensors Game Changers?

Tiny Piston House in Minecraft

Tiny Piston House in Minecraft

Sculk Sensor Safe House in Minecraft

Sculk Sensor Safe House in Minecraft

1 Wide Base in Minecraft

1 Wide Base in Minecraft

What if Minecraft had Auto Crafting?

What if Minecraft had Auto Crafting?

Mining for 12 hours in Minecraft

Mining for 12 hours in Minecraft

Are you Bad at Minecraft?

Are you Bad at Minecraft?

Every Piston Door from 1x1 to 10x10

Every Piston Door from 1x1 to 10x10

9x9 Piston House in Minecraft 1.16

9x9 Piston House in Minecraft 1.16

I Made a Piston Castle in Minecraft

I Made a Piston Castle in Minecraft

Smartest Base in Minecraft

Smartest Base in Minecraft

Hermitcraft 7: LIVE - END BUSTING

Hermitcraft 7: LIVE - END BUSTING


  • Chris
    Chris13 საათის წინ

    Gets a new computer and the first thing you do is try to break it. Well done lol.

  • Simi George
    Simi George13 საათის წინ

    Me who has a i5 4gb ram:crying

  • DaijDjan
    DaijDjan13 საათის წინ

    So as you have a new one.. Can I have your old computer? ;)

  • Hyp3r Pu1se
    Hyp3r Pu1se13 საათის წინ

    Mumbo with the chickens were hitting that one frame

  • Devarsh riyan Sivsanker
    Devarsh riyan Sivsanker13 საათის წინ

    Mumbo you can also give you game more ram so it will be smoother

  • Tarek
    Tarek13 საათის წინ

    Imagine saying how your pc has 128 gb of ram but only letting minecraft use 2 gb of it (top right 1:55 )

  • Iceyhavok
    Iceyhavok13 საათის წინ

    Me having a 500 dollar pc hoping for 60 FPS then I see this and wants to cry

  • ALlxrTx
    ALlxrTx13 საათის წინ

    The game just didnt even try on the last one

  • AJ Footy
    AJ Footy13 საათის წინ

    Why does the 10x10 look so much easier to build than the 3x3

  • potatosordfighter666
    potatosordfighter66613 საათის წინ

    "Look at how good my frame rates are with this PC!" You are using Optifine, that's why. Do this again without optifine. My 2014 PC can run 64 chunk render distance on Java edition with optifine at 60fps solid. You aren't really proving anything.

  • atiedebee
    atiedebee13 საათის წინ

    But are you playing in 4k? I don't think so

  • Muhammed Adil azim aysha Noushad
    Muhammed Adil azim aysha Noushad13 საათის წინ

    Everything is bonkers mumbo

  • hype _o.p
    hype _o.p13 საათის წინ

    What shader r u using mumbo

  • hype _o.p
    hype _o.p13 საათის წინ

    Pls add a download link

  • iMirl
    iMirl13 საათის წინ

    4:30 Manburg/L'manburg on the Dream SMP when wilbur blew it up 6:21 L'manburg when Dream,Philza and Techno Blew it up....

  • TheHuzzBuzz
    TheHuzzBuzz13 საათის წინ

    6:36 just listen to that beat

  • Abhijith Krishnan
    Abhijith Krishnan13 საათის წინ

    Mumbo: you are incredibly gorgeous. also mumbo:proceeds to show black screen where I can see my ugly reflection. Why Must You Hurt Me in This Way :(

  • Rishil
    Rishil13 საათის წინ

    Bruh u didn't get even 2 rtx 3090 on sli

  • Cupcakes can Barf
    Cupcakes can Barf13 საათის წინ

    you know a simple command could crash even your computer? here it is: execute at @e[type=minecraft:snowball] run summon minecraft:snowball ~ ~ ~

  • Jeff Cavaliere
    Jeff Cavaliere13 საათის წინ

    I don't understand why mumbo doesn't play on the hermitcraft server with shaders it's not like he has to worry about lag or anything so why doesn't he do it?

  • A H Z
    A H Z13 საათის წინ


  • potatosordfighter666
    potatosordfighter66613 საათის წინ

    MC is mostly CPU load, not GPU load. Your 3090 is just as good as a 1080ti for MC

  • Dark Mamba
    Dark Mamba13 საათის წინ

    100 what ?

  • eagle eye
    eagle eye13 საათის წინ

    you shoud have more followers than pewdi epie ❤

  • Even Stuwitz Kvammen
    Even Stuwitz Kvammen13 საათის წინ

    new hermitcraft episode!!!

  • Force Vanis
    Force Vanis13 საათის წინ

    yes i got an idea how to get like 20 fps ez : yes use the seus shaders and the render distance to 64 near grians barge ez

  • AN12
    AN1213 საათის წინ

    Bro i can hack FBI with this PC. But u play Minecraft?!

  • Texas Quesadilla
    Texas Quesadilla13 საათის წინ

    200 blocks away. Only like 40 chunks

  • Shreshth Katiyar
    Shreshth Katiyar13 საათის წინ

    Mumbo's pc during these tests: The game dies Normal pc during these tests: The pc dies

  • Yedi Otaku
    Yedi Otaku13 საათის წინ

    Mumbo:”How bad can it be?” Minecraft:”and I took that personally...”

  • Kohtalo Fluff
    Kohtalo Fluff13 საათის წინ

    Well this was a waste of time. Gotta find some newer 3x3 doors now

  • Oracle
    Oracle13 საათის წინ

    AMD is still better

  • Racso Films
    Racso Films13 საათის წინ

    You should sell that film to MSI. It is amazing!

  • Dale Modisette
    Dale Modisette13 საათის წინ

    I've always said one should build a PC as if I had to play Minecraft at Max spec. If a PC can't play Minecraft with a thousand mods/addons and shaders is a worthless PC.

  • Dr chicken
    Dr chicken13 საათის წინ

    Just got a new computer today. Was really happy I was getting 80-100 FPS Mumbo you’ve crushed my spirits Also if you really want to test Minecraft rendering try an amplified world with shaders on with 64 render distance. there is a lot to be rendered there

  • skater
    skater13 საათის წინ

    my 500$ pc can run shaders with 60fps, but its not 48 chunks

  • Developer Jake
    Developer Jake13 საათის წინ

    Woah that’s the intro I always just thought it was kinda like a jumpy tune that plays when you start the video I didn’t know it was a full out song XD

  • Kayden Ott
    Kayden Ott13 საათის წინ

    It's a beautiful waterfall of chicken

  • LyriX
    LyriX13 საათის წინ

    i was just going to mail mumbo to destroy an RTX 3090 with minecraft after watching his last Minecraft vs. my computer video

  • Pranit Chatterjee
    Pranit Chatterjee14 საათის წინ

    nasa computer aint got shit on minecraft...

  • SKarboy_4
    SKarboy_414 საათის წინ

    128 gigs of RAM woah seriously what are you going to do with that much RAM ?

  • Ali Usman
    Ali Usman14 საათის წინ


  • Mechatronics
    Mechatronics14 საათის წინ

    This video was just Mumbo Flexing on us with his "God PC"

  • Gamer DANGER
    Gamer DANGER14 საათის წინ

    “ I hate people” story of my life

  • chicken fall guy
    chicken fall guy14 საათის წინ

    Mumbo: talking about his specs Me a console player: I like your funny words moustache man

  • LikelyFinn
    LikelyFinn14 საათის წინ

    Dear Mumbo, it doesn't matter how much RAM your PC has if you are only allocating 2 gigs of for Minecraft (top right corner 1:58)

  • Stizaid TL2
    Stizaid TL214 საათის წინ

    I read your comment before sending this even though all the excuse you have you were lagging at times if you didn't had optifine sometimes your fps was 20-40 and optifine still turned it to a higher fps

  • Kayden Ott
    Kayden Ott14 საათის წინ

    Can you do a tutorial on that base

  • Vatsal Goyal
    Vatsal Goyal14 საათის წინ

    Phyciatrist: So what is the source of your sadness? Me:

  • Curtrolz
    Curtrolz14 საათის წინ

    I swear that after he got his monstrous Pc, he's been talking powerful.

  • unlicht
    unlicht14 საათის წინ

    Was this an ad?

  • elequant
    elequant14 საათის წინ

    Bro he can now open 4 chrome tabs

  • Titanium
    Titanium14 საათის წინ

    Mumbo, PLEASE for the love of god turn up your allocated memory. You’re only using 2GB from the total 128GB

  • Azspect
    Azspect14 საათის წინ


  • Wayyer
    Wayyer14 საათის წინ

    in germany we says: "gönn dir"

  • noblez_ sixz
    noblez_ sixz14 საათის წინ

    If that pc cant run minecraft it is a peace of 💩

  • Ozzy Bozy
    Ozzy Bozy14 საათის წინ

    Mumbo just invented Compresst Chickens!

  • alex eung
    alex eung14 საათის წინ

    Pretty sure ryzen is more top of the line then intel now with their new cpus

  • Nana Nini
    Nana Nini14 საათის წინ

    3:55 Man Its Look Good And Is Not Ded, When He Got Back To Hermitcraft................. Ded..Ded.Ded..Ded Likeeeeeee \/

  • Nana Nini
    Nana Nini14 საათის წინ


  • Nana Nini
    Nana Nini14 საათის წინ


  • Nana Nini
    Nana Nini14 საათის წინ

    Noice Man

  • clio pig
    clio pig14 საათის წინ


  • Furtle Animation
    Furtle Animation14 საათის წინ

    Hope this doesn’t make me sound like an idiot but what’s a screen savor I googled it but I don’t understand or know anything about computers and technical stuff so Google was no help Can someone please explain to me what one is Sorry for being an idiot

  • Kayden Ott
    Kayden Ott14 საათის წინ

    What PC is that

  • noblez_ sixz
    noblez_ sixz14 საათის წინ

    Now try and run cyberpunk 2077 on max graphics with rtx on

  • AyKayDee
    AyKayDee14 საათის წინ

    remember he is recording

  • Xletron
    Xletron14 საათის წინ

    But how about the AMD ryzen 9 5000 series...

  • The Russian Revolution
    The Russian Revolution14 საათის წინ

    Now iskalls crazy sign won’t lag him

  • Rózsavölgyi Dénes
    Rózsavölgyi Dénes14 საათის წინ

    You can get more out of MC with this PC by using the mod Sodium and its pair which I don't remember the name of, but it's in the description of Sodium. The reason They are much better than Optifine is that Minecraft only utilizes your CPU, and Optifine won't change that much. This mod will also utilize your Graphics card.

  • james boglioli
    james boglioli14 საათის წინ

    *power bill from 3090 proceeds to take all add revenue from this video within a month*

  • The Cactus
    The Cactus14 საათის წინ

    In Minecraft we have some 5 meter long hands

  • Lorenzo Suluh
    Lorenzo Suluh14 საათის წინ

    and he's not even rendering at 1080p...

  • Inner Creeper
    Inner Creeper14 საათის წინ

    You just burned the most money making shop in the shopping district LOL

  • Michael David Levick
    Michael David Levick14 საათის წინ

    @Mumbo will you be featuring your rig on you film channel for all of us tech nerds?

  • Vance Coronel
    Vance Coronel14 საათის წინ

    It just me or the voice over dude kinda sounds like iskall

  • BoomBrush
    BoomBrush14 საათის წინ

    "128gb of ram" minecraft only has 2gb allocated lol

  • ZhiPanda YT Plays!
    ZhiPanda YT Plays!14 საათის წინ

    thumbnail:Can I kill minecraft Me:No

  • Hamza Rajper
    Hamza Rajper14 საათის წინ

    Raid Farm Category B Me Dyeing inside :P

  • Paul Hancock
    Paul Hancock14 საათის წინ

    So, you gonna give away your old PC? :)

  • henry stickmin
    henry stickmin14 საათის წინ

    Here goes I mean how bad can it be it's just one piece of tnt - famous last words

  • pumkinguy21
    pumkinguy2114 საათის წინ

    can it run Crysis tho??

  • Batuhan Yılmaz
    Batuhan Yılmaz14 საათის წინ

    I've just been thinking "Isn't shooting an arrow just remote stabbing?" And I have no idea how I ended up in this video because I typed in "How does an AK 47 work?" to the searchbar.

  • Jorge Callado
    Jorge Callado14 საათის წინ

    -most powerfull pc ever, goverment wants it -Mumbo: lets play Minecraft

  • Lukáš Márer
    Lukáš Márer14 საათის წინ

    You actuali can get bedrock in survival its just hsrd searchit on youtube for tuturial

  • fajar ramdhani muhammad
    fajar ramdhani muhammad14 საათის წინ

    mumbo you just turned to stressmonster :)